Latest version

v.0.25.0 for Windows
v.0.25.0 for macOS

Changelog (v.0.25.0)

– New game icon
– New UI
– A shortcut has been added to skip part of the introduction for more ease to switch to another route later (not available on the 1st run)
– Scenes have been slightly rearranged for more fluidity
– All screens are now polished (including the Save/Load & Gallery which were missing previously)
– Shinji’s CGs & Kou CGs have been replaced with new ones
– Fixed some bugs
– However, Mana’s menu is unavailable & Tetsuya has been downgraded for now

!! Please DELETE your previous saves or REPLACE your previous saves, do not load them, otherwise the game will crash !!

Last update: 24/11/2019