kyokoKyoko (23 y.o)
The main protagonist of « Another Story », she is the real deal when it comes to play at otome games. A normal office lady the day, an otaku gamer at night, she isn’t interested in dating people for some reasons from her past.

Personal quote: “Always save before a choice if you don’t want to regret after!”

manaMana (?? y.o)
A strange entity who helps Kyoko in her quest to exit the game.



Personal quote: “Pleased to be of any help, Miss Kyoko!”

hanaHana (21 y.o)
The player character of « Doki Doki 5 » an otome game produced by Mikona. A college student, she is a sweet girl who is still not over from a heartbreak. However, she feels safe to be able to rely on her two best friends : Natsume and Kou.

Personal quote: “I’m okay, don’t worry about me!”

natsumeNatsume (21 y.o)
Best friend of Hana, she is the happy-go-lucky of the trio. Extremely sociable, she always drags along her best friends to some strange places when she heard about it in her college cercle.


Personal quote: “Yay! Let’s do this! You are with me, right? Right…?”

kouKou (22 y.o)
Best friend of Hana, he is quite popular but he doesn’t like to boast about it. He is a cool guy who changed a lot by meeting Hana and Natsume. Lately, he is quite busy for unknown reasons.


Personal quote: “… Natsuuuume, WHY?”

haruHaru (29 y.o)
Older brother of Hana, he is an interior designer fully committed to his work. Barely present at home, he is a calm person who has a soft spot for books.


Personal quote: “I won’t be back tonight, I got some work to finish.”

hiromiHiromi (20 y.o)
A cute and nice waiter at Moonlight Café , he is quite shy and easily makes mistakes. But even if he’s young, do not be fooled by apparences.


Personal quote: “Hmm. Uh… T-thank you so much for your advice!”

shinjiShinji (22 y.o)
His androgynous looks makes him a perfect rising star fashion model. Not knowing what modesty is about, he is quite open about his feelings.


Personal quote: “Have you already fallen for my beauty?”

tetsuyaTetsuya (23 y.o)
Some friendly guy met through Internet. He needs advice to help him confess.



Personal quote: “How can we recognize ourselves IRL?”

daisukeDaisuke (?? y.o)
A mysterious man who seems to be out of place.



Personal quote: “…”